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MultiWave PNG Ltd.
MultiWave PNG Ltd.
MultiWave PNG Ltd.

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Now in PNG!

Now in PNG!

Multiwave PNG was established with the aim to provide the distinguished Japanese quality Information Technology services to Papua New Guinea. We aim at a genuine partnership with the Papua New Guinean People, based on a cooperative search for solutions. We want to concretize our common development ambitions by growing together through IT. We believe that we can bring very positive changes to Papua New Guinea by providing our IT expertise and our high quality services to make PNG a better place. Please come and work with us!

Information Technology Services.

Information Technology Services.

We have a history of almost 20 years in the IT field, and a vast experience in providing services to government, education and commercial industries. We provide a complete offline and online solution, ranging from tiny intranet applications to worldwide internet applications. We also provide web design, digital graphic design and DTP with digital printing services. We are always in the pursuit of new technologies that will deliver the best value to our prized customers.

Types of Services.

> Enterprises
Business apps, Cloud, Hosting...

> Educational institutions
E-learning, Portal sites, Networks...

> Individuals
Cloud, Data storage, Mobile...

> Government offices
Digitizing, Management software, Data management...

> Financial institutions
Financial software, Networks, Servers...

> Medical institutions
Digitizing, Networks, Server hosting...

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Top News:

ImageSmall business is the most welcome!
"Wantok Small Business" solution boosts your business for minimum cost. You will get your domain (not like and up to 10 email accounts. And more you will have your website! Get it now!

ImageCloudrive now available.
MultiWave PNG launched a new type of cloud based storage service called "Cloudrive". Its is remarkably easy to use and incredibly secured.

ImageChose "SDMS" to improve.
As always, Multiwave PNG is offering you a new solution! Called "SDMS" which stands for "Smart Data Management System", this system allows you to easily manage any type of data such as goods in stock, customers information, staff information and much more. This with an intuitive browser based interface.

ImageReduce SPAM Mails and save costs!
Receiving SPAM and Virus Mails is always a waste of time and money. Multiwave PNG is offering you and external SPAM and Virus mail filtering system called "SPAMEATER". Time wasted with SPAM mails is now a story of the past.

ImageTry next-generation Email Service!
MultiWave PNG launched the Next Gen of Cloud-based Email service called "WantokMail". Move beyond the desktop - maximize productivity and business agility with the most sophisticated web email, calendar and collaboration application today.